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Launch of ERA Talent Platform: A one-stop portal for the European Research Community

June 10th marked the launch of the ERA Talent Platform, an innovative solution designed for researchers and research organizations. This all-encompassing online portal provides streamlined access to a variety of services, including EURAXESS service centers and portals, the HR Excellence in Research initiative, the RESAVER pension scheme, the Innovation Talent Platform, and the Research and Innovation Careers Observatory.

By consolidating these services into one platform, the ERA Talent Platform meets the research community’s need for a centralized hub, offering comprehensive information and improving interoperability among these initiatives.

The platform was officially launched at the EURAXESS Biennial Conference 2024, held in Katowice, the 2024 European City of Science, bringing together the European and global EURAXESS network along with various stakeholders.

During the event, the Commission also announced the revamp of the European EURAXESS portal, making it easier for researchers and research organizations to navigate and access information, apply for positions, and utilize the services offered by the EURAXESS network.

The updated portal enhances user interaction and integrates more seamlessly with other data systems such as EUROPASS, improving data exchange and interoperability. Additionally, it offers better performance and stronger security measures to protect user data. These updates are crucial for supporting the European research community by simplifying access to valuable resources and promoting cross-border collaborations. Established 20 years ago, “EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion” is an initiative of the ERA. The network now includes 43 member countries, with over 610 service centres providing tailored information on 18 support topics (e.g., visas, pensions, taxes) and 9 international offices operating worldwide.

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