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Overview of public engagement in research & innovation

This thematic report provides an introductory overview of Public Engagement in Research and Innovation in Europe, as discussed during the first meeting of the Mutual Learning Exercise on Public Engagement in Research and Innovation. Various policies, frameworks, resources, and projects (mainly EU funded) to promote Public Engagement practices are described. The report aims to inspire and help public actors and policymakers to promote and support public engagement. Published April 2024.

Final Report: Mutual Learning Exercise on Citizen Science Initiatives – Policy and Practice

Final Report of the Mutual Learning Exercise on Citizen Science Initiatives, conducted by the European Commission, to identify and promote good practices, experience and lessons learned. The report presents a summary of the learning and recommendations generated throughout the year-long process3 through the lens of the backcasting approach to strategic planning. The Final Report serves as an inspiration, guide and resource for national policy makers and other key actors in the national science landscape.

ERA Monitoring report 2023

This EU-level report is the first 18- months review of the progress towards the priority areas for joint action in the European Research Area (ERA), as laid down in the Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe, and of the implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda. It is part of the new ERA Monitoring Mechanism (EMM) and will serve as a baseline when assessing future progress at EU-level. Published 2023.

Fostering Knowledge Valorisation through Citizen Engagement

This report provides an analysis of citizen engagement for knowledge valorisation practices, drawing on 60 selected case studies from 37 countries, across the EU and internationally. The report describes the benefits of participatory processes and explores key elements for successful valorisation of knowledge and research results with the engagement of citizens. Based on the evidence, it provides possible action points for research and innovation actors for effective participatory practices for knowledge valorisation. Published 2024.


Brochure of Use Cases on EOSC and Open Science 

Brochure showcasing recent use cases on European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and Open Science. The brochure, developed by the EOSC Future project, presents 31 use cases from different countries in Europe on policies and practices to implement EOSC and Open Science at national level with a short description, key facts, and links for further information for each use case. The use cases have been collected from Member States and Associated Countries in the EOSC Steering Board via the Survey on National Contributions to EOSC and follow-on interviews with designated representatives for each use case. Published May 2024.

Factsheet on Attractive Research Careers in the Union

Overview of new standards and tools for more attractive research careers in the Union such as the European Framework for Research Careers, including a Charter for Researchers aiming at improving working conditions and the ResearchComp website to support researchers’ transversal skills and inter-sectoral careers.

Factsheet on the European Research Area

Factsheet providing an overview of the milestones and objectives of the European Research Area. Published in January 2024.

Online event recordings

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INSPIRING ERA Exchange Guidelines

A comprehensive manual professionally created by the Inspiring ERA Consortium, aimed at facilitating the organization and execution of successful Inspiring ERA Exchange events.
These guidelines include crucial components spanning from initial planning stages to implementation and evaluation. In addition to outlining essential steps, they also provide supplementary draft documents such as a draft agenda, draft report form, an event checklist, and a curated list of useful resources. Together, these elements constitute a toolbox, equipping organizers with everything they need to orchestrate a successful event.
Published by the Inspiring ERA Consortium, these guidelines can be useful to anyone organizing an Inspiring ERA Exchange event. They ensure clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness every step of the way.

Recommendations and Guidelines

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